UFO Sightings in LA Cause Panic

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Thousands of witnesses saw a bizarre UFO sighting in LA. Widespread panic caused by mysterious UFO sighting.

Eyewitness reports in Los Angeles tell of a ball of light that shot through the night sky, terrifying onlookers.

Many people took to Twitter and other social media outlets to describe the UFO sighting that they had witnessed. However, the bizarre images make the event seem a lot more alien than meets the eye.

UFO sightings in LA

UFO sightings in LA cause widespread panic. UFO News. Image credit: David Wolfe.

The result of this amazing spectacle was caused by a satellite launch. Despite this ordinary explanation, the UFO sightings eye-witnesses did not know this at the time. Many of them took pictures and videos – posting them on social networking sights and hash-tagging them as a UFO sighting.

In actual fact, the satellite launch came from fellow alien believer Elon Musk, as part of his SpaceX satellite collection.

The rocket booster, called Falcon 9, was carrying 10 satellites and launched from Vandenburg Air Force Base at around 17:30.

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UFO sightings

The video below contains images which led people to believe they witnessed a UFO sighting and that there might be an oncoming alien invasion.


Musk, who is a firm believer in extraterrestrial life, responded to some Twitter messages with a light-hearted approach.

Elon Musk UFO LA

Elon Musk project caused panic over LA as many believed they witnessed a UFO sighting.

So, it’s safe to say that this time a strange ‘fireball-like’ UFO was accounted for.


UFO sightings 2017 Russia

In similar fashion to the Musk satellite missile launch, strange UFO sightings were spotted in Russia a few months ago, causing panic in the hearts of onlookers.

Many who had seen the unusual light bursting through the sky feared to encase it was the start of an alien abduction.

However, this turned out to be another man-made occurrence as Vladimir Putin took responsibility for the UFO and said it was Nuclear missile test.

Russian nuclear missile

The missile glows as it hurtles through the night sky.

We can see the similarity between both ‘UFO sightings‘ and can fully understand how witnesses to the events could mistake it for a UFO. However, both of these UFO news stories turned out to be caused by humankind and not by alien life.

If you had witnessed either of these events, please feel free to leave us a comment and let us know about your experience.

UFO News 2017

Is there a possible connection with the two UFO news stories?

We have a similarity in appearance and the fact that many of the present eye-witnesses were convinced it was a UFO sighting. On top of this, we also have a relatable fact that both occurrences have had someone take responsibility for them.

Can we believe the government and the people in the public eye?

Is there something bigger and larger being covered up, or are we just too paranoid for our own good?

Keep watching and searching for the truth.

We’d love to know what you think. So, please feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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