UFO Sightings In Mexico (VIDEO)

A recent UFO video filmed in Mexico of a strange reddish light that began to hover before disappearing left witnesses shocked. The UFO sighting, which was filmed in Basaseachi Chihuahua, is starting to make the rounds on UFO news media outlets.

The witnesses were confused when a mysterious light ascended before suddenly vanishing.

The possible extraterrestrial video was filmed in Basaseachic Falls National Park, Mexico, by construction workers. Whilst doing their job they noticed a bizarre light on the mountainside in the distance. Curious as to what the glow could be they began to film the event.

They certainly managed to film more than expected!

With no warning, the ominous glow from afar began to lift off the ground and ascend skyward. Then in the blink of an eye, it vanishes.


Construction workers in Basaseachi Chihuahua, Mexico, filmed a flying object. Images are taken from YouTube.

The men filming this at night were understandably very excited during the UFO sightings and after the encounter.

See the UFO news video below of the recent unidentified flying object sighting.

UFO Sightings Video

This extraordinary video was uploaded by LOS BLOGS DE TONY on the 16th July 2018. Since then many other UFO news conspiracy YouTube channels have uploaded the video, such as Secureteam10.

But, is this actual evidence of a possible alien UFO taking off and leaving Earth’s atmosphere?

The video clearly shows a flying object. The light and the small surrounding structure certainly gives the impression of something mechanical. However, could this be another drone mistaken as a UFO sighting?

This could be a possible explanation. Though drones are generally a lot small than the object portrayed in the video.

UFO News Analysis

Like with most video footage of alleged UFO sightings, the quality is something that is lacking. The night filming reduces image quality. On top of this, because the object is in the distance the video will not have a clear focus.

For the time being, the object filmed in flight is unknown, so can be classed as an “unknown flying object.” But one has to have an open mind with these things. Many YouTube videos on the net claim to have evidence of extraterrestrial vehicles, but are in fact edited.

ufo sighting mexico

Mexico UFO sighting witnessed by construction workers. Sourced from YouTube.

The trajectory of the object when it begins to fly is believable. It moves in a seamless motion as you would expect an alien craft to do, however, there is a problem that arises when it disappears.

The object, of currently unknown origin, seems to vanish behind a screen of some kind. It is as though it has gone out of sight behind a wall – when clearly this is no such case. This would indicate that someone used editing software to make the flying object disappear.

Recent UFO Sightings

So, although someone likely edited the object disappearing, the object itself seems real.

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