UFO Sightings Of Death Cloud Sparks Fears Of An Alien Invasion


UFO sightings in Switzerland of an unusual ‘death cloud’ spark fears of a possible alien invasion.

The unusual objects have been labeled the ‘death cloud’ as images of a UFO falling from the sky spraying brown gas were spotted and reported to UFO news.

An unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted in the skies over Switzerland, appearing to leave behind a trail of dark brown smoke.

A witness captured the bizarre object hovering over Littau in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Many UFO hunters feel confused at the sight of the Death Cloud UFO. Furthermore, they worry what impact the brown gas may have on mankind.

In accordance with the local media reports of the area, the witness who photographed the UFO first hand saw it through her kitchen window.


UFO news: UFO sightings death cloud spotted in Switzerland. Image credit: Express.

However, the young Swiss lady, who will not be identified, said the UFO sightings did not actually fly through the sky as seems logical when looking at the photo.

Rather, she claims the bizarre object hovered motionless for a certain length of time. Then it began spewing out the brown smoke before disappearing into the sky.

Death Cloud

Speaking with her local reporting team, she said: “The object with the tail just floated in the sky and it did not move for two or three minutes.

She continued to say that after 2-3 minutes, the object suddenly moved to the right and then disappeared.

After several minutes of trying to figure out what she had witnessed, the ‘death cloud’ returned!

The young woman recounts how the object repeated the same actions as previous, but this time in a shorter time period.

After the second time, the Benneneggstrasse residence of Littau said the unknown object flew of towards Neuenkirch.

But, despite the strange events that she witnessed on that day (March 14th, 2018), she does not believe that what she witnessed was of alien origin.

She tried to rationalize what she had seen and presumes it must have been a meteor, but was dumbfounded by the motionless appearance of it.

On top of this UFOofInterest.org also disagree with this object having alien origins and insist that it is nothing more than an airplane with its contrail caught in the sunset.

UFO sightings reported


UFO sightings Switzerland – 2018 Death Cloud.

However, many argue that this could not possibly be the case, as the sun had already set just before the photograph of the UFO was taken.

But with this in mind, Skyguide, the leading Swiss air navigation service say that the object is in fact unidentified!

Vladi Barrosa, a spokesman for Skyguide, has said that the company is treating the object as a UFO. However, it is not necessarily an alien flying saucer.

As a general and overall rule, Skyguide treats all UFO as airplanes instead of jumping to the conclusion that the object is extraterrestrial.

UFO news story

UFO death cloud

UFO news: Skyguide says the object was, in fact, a UFO.

Many theories have come forward as to what could explain the bizarre nature and events that took place on March 14, 2018, over Swiss airspace. But, as of yet, nothing official has debunked this being true evidence of a UFO.

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