Chinese Space Station Streams Live UFO Sightings

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The Chinese Space Station (CSS) has come into the spotlight with the UFO news community. A recent UFO sighting spotted during a live stream has caused many conspiracy theorists to believe there is an alien cover-up. However, shortly after the UFO appeared, the CSS cut its live feed.

Shocking footage now shows that maybe we are not alone!

The recent UFO sightings relate to the Chinese Tiangong spacecraft docking at the station in 2011. But, not everything is as straight forward as it seems. Possible alien UFOs were spotted flashing past during the docking sequence. So, why has it taken so long to surface in the media?

Well, the footage has recently resurfaced online thanks to Scott C Waring. Mr. Waring is an avid UFO and alien hunter, and truth seeker. He runs his own website and recently analyzed the UFO sightings footage. He concluded that the alien objects sighted in the video are only 13 inches in length.

If you watch the video above, you will notice the bizarre UFO flashing light appears at around 1:25. The initial flash appears just above the left panel and looks some distance away. However, the light rapidly gets closer and closer until it almost hits the camera before the order is given to cut the live feed.

So, what does this mean?

UFO Sightings

Certain individuals believe this is concrete proof that aliens are monitoring our activity. Furthermore, they claim that many governments of the world are aware of extraterrestrial life. But refrain from sharing this information to us.

However, skeptics are not so convinced by the reported UFO sighting video. They say that the object spotted is nothing more than ice that has broken from the Chinese spacecraft. Skeptics argue that this is nothing more than space debris, which can be explained by natural phenomenon.

It is worth bearing in mind that this is not the first time space agencies have come under such scrutiny.

UFO sightings

The object approaches the departing Chinese spacecraft.

UFO sightings Chinese

The object in question speeds past the craft before the live feed camera angle is switched.

The UFO news community has, for a long time, placed NASA in the center of controversy when it comes to UFO matters. On many occasions, people have claimed to have witnessed alien UFOs streamed live from NASA’s International Space Station (ISS).

We even ran a story last March about three UFO sightings spotted on NASA’s ISS live feed. There are even conspiracy theories about NASA live streaming the Black Knight satellite.

However, NASA argues that nothing unexplained or ‘alien’ has ever been spotted by the space agency.


In regards to accusations about UFOs spotted on their ISS live feed, NASA had this to say; “No unidentified objects in the popular sense have been seen from the International Space Station.

NASA goes on to explain that all of the alleged alien UFO sightings are nothing more than naturally occurring phenomenons. This would entail window reflections, lights from Earth, or common space debris.

So, what exactly can we believe?

It is safe to say that some people, like Mr. Waring, will not trust the word of NASA. He insists on always questioning the experts that provide us with information and details. He quotes a time when the Atlantis shuttle had unknown objects surrounding it. NASA was so preoccupied with the situation that the entry time of Atlantis had to be delayed.

Live Stream UFO Sightings

So, although Mr. Waring’s mind cannot be changed, there are still those who see reason.

The majority of supposed UFO sightings spotted on Space Station live streaming can be explained naturally. In fact, you might be surprised by how much space debris orbits our home world. In July 2016, the United States Strategic Command stated there are a total of 17,852 artificial objects in Earth’s orbit. These objects are fairly big, and in January of 2019, 128 million bits of debris smaller than 1 cm (0.4 in) were tracked.

Earth Space Debris

A computer simulation of the Space Debris surrounding Earth

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