Unidentified Object Submerged Off The Greek Coast

Is this real photographic evidence of an alien UFO submerged under water?

The circular unknown object, or unidentified submerged object (USO), was spotted by UFO hunters on Google Maps off the Greek coast. Since recently appearing online the USO has had people guessing as to what it actually is.

The unknown submersible object was spotted in the Aegean sea, off the coast of Greece.

Originally brought to UFO news outlets by Disclosure TV, the image came from the satellite images of Google Maps.

“Using the ruler on google earth and this object is of 220 feet long,” says Disclosure.TV.

It is currently unknown if the USO has ever been witnessed in real life, or if this is another optical illusion or trick of the light.


The USO is circled here in red. The image was captured from Google Maps satellite images.

Either way, this hasn’t stopped UFO enthusiasts at insisting this is another UFO sighting. Many seem convinced that this is proof of the question “are aliens real?” They are confident that this is an image depicting an alien craft under water.

However, others have pondered a more natural cause. One individual commented to say that the object is the remains of an “old pier“. But as of yet, the cause for the circular shape has not been identified.

If you wish to take a look at the object for yourself, check out the USO coordinates here. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think the unknown object could be.

USO Google Maps

The USO as seen by Google Maps. Image credit: Google Maps.


Recent UFO Sightings

An unidentified flying object of light in Mexico was spotted by construction workers. This took UFO news media outlets by storm as the UFO appeared to take off into space.

The UFO sighting occurred in Basaseachi Chihuahua.


A video uploaded to YouTube shows a flying light.

Construction workers filmed the possible alien video in Basaseachic Falls National Park, Mexico. Whilst doing their job they noticed a bizarre light on the mountainside in the distance. Curious as to what the glow could be they began to film the event.

They certainly managed to film more than expected!

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Flashes Of Light From Dark Side Of The Moon

Two bizarre flashes of light coming from the dark side of the moon have led Ufologists to question if there are aliens on the moon.

A Spanish space agency, which observes the moon 24/7, captured the phenomenon on camera

ufo light

UFO sighting on the moon. Flashes of light observed coming from the dark side of the moon.

The two flashes of light from the dark side of the moon were roughly 24 hours apart and witnessed on by the agency on July 17th and 18th.

Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System (MIDAS) scan the lunar body on a regular basis in search of celestial occurrences.

With the detection of the lights happening in a 24-hour window, the European Space Agency (ESA) says there must be a clear correlation between them both. They are “seemingly in pursuit” of each other.

So, could these images finally settle the debate that has raged UFO news outlets for decades? Are aliens real or not? Do UFO sightings occur on the moon?

Although the flashes of light witnessed from the dark side of the moon may not actually have relations to aliens, there is an agreeing consensus that the cause was extraterrestrial.

Recent UFO News

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