US Congress May Look Into AATIP UFO Sightings

The White House is debating whether or not to open public hearings into the recent US UFO project.

Earlier this year it was released that the United States government had run a secret UFO case study between 2007-2012. The United States Congress members are unhappy with being kept in the dark on such matters. So, a public hearing into the UFO sightings of the AATIP videos may soon follow!

The US Armed Service Committee has been conducting investigations on the recent UFO projects.

They are looking into the money used for the top-secret Pentagon UFO project.

Members of parliament want to know how much money was actually spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

The Pentagon reports disclose on UFO sightings in videos and provide details on apparent crashed UFOs.

The public can now watch the AATIP UFO videos online. So far, over 2 million viewers have watched the video.

The man who ran the Pentagon project, Luis Elizondo, stated that some of the unidentified flying objects in the videos are using time-travel jump technology. This is how they are able to accomplish such incredible speeds.

So, check out the UFO sighting in the video below.

UFO Spotted by US Fighter Jet

Nick Pope, a former English Minister of Defense, said the probing of the Air Force Committee may be a UFO breakthrough we have all been waiting for.

I think the powerful House Armed Services Committee was as fascinated and mystified by the revelations about the Pentagon’s UFO project as everyone else,” claimed Mr. Pope.

As a result, he suggests that the total secrecy of the UFO AATIP may have angered members of the House.

The United States of America has always denied the existence of UFOs being real. They maintain the stance that they have no interest in UFO matters, however, have conducted numerous UFO projects in the past such as;

  • Project Sign (1948-1949)
  • Project Grudge (1949-1951)
  • The Project Blue Book (1952-1970)

The above is the most famous US UFO studies. Although the United States officially stopped investigating UFOs over 40 years ago, it appears that was a lie. Furthermore, if this topic is not a problem why are they not disclosing the truth to the general public?


This still image from YouTube video shows the UFO tracked on camera by a US fighter jet. Image credit.


White House Enquires About UFO Project

The possibility for a public hearing on such a UFO case examination is huge. The White House wants to get to the bottom of the secrecy.

These hearings would focus on AATIP and as well as the use of taxpayers money over the course of the investigation.

Furthermore, the US Congress may disclose the project. People would finally understand the true nature of unidentified flying objects.

US Congress

It is hoped that the White House will be looking into the UFO project. Sourced.

Hopefully, the White House-Congress will not only look at the AATIP UFO videos but investigate the UFO phenomenon as a whole.

This may be the best opportunity to solve the mysteries of UFOs once and for all.

So, let’s see what will happen in the coming few months/years.

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