Were The Egyptian Gods Actually Aliens

The Ancient Alien theory suggests extraterrestrial visitors were interpreted by our ancient cultures as Gods. Could the tales of mortal men living amongst Gods actually be stories of alien sightings?

The Egyptian culture is rich and mysterious. There are still many unsolved circumstances surrounding the Ancient Egyptian people. However, one document may give the ancient aliens‘ theory ground to stand on. Could the Ancient Egyptian Gods have actually been aliens?

Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest cultures. Egyptologists have still not discovered all of the ancient secrets.

They tell tales and stories when the mortal humans lived and walked amongst their true Gods. The Ancient Egyptian religion tells of these beings come from the heavens. In other words, they are not terrestrial to this planet. Although the people of the ancient time did not have the words like ‘aliens‘ or ‘extraterrestrials‘ like we do with our modern language, they still understood that their Gods were not of this planet.

Ancient Egyptian Gods

Where the Ancient Egyptian Gods actually extraterrestrial visitors? Image credit: ArtofVXF.

However, putting all tales and mythology to one side, could there be any proof to these claims?

A collection of Egyptian papyrus scrolls discovered in 1820 may hold the key to unlocking the true nature of the Egyptian Gods.

The papyrus called the Turin King List is the most complete collection of the ancient Egypt pharaohs. Included in the list are the names of the Gods and demi-Gods of the ancient civilization.

Turin King List

Originally discovered in Luxor (Thebes), Egypt, by Italian collector Bernardino Drovetti, it is now kept in the Turin Egyptian Museum.

Examination of the document shows the most complete list of Egyptian Pharaohs ever recorded. Also included on the list are the names of the Gods who ruled the land before the days of mortal kings. Could this indicate that they had lived with their non-terrestrial Gods and actually witnessed alien sightings?

Ancient Alien theorists say yes.

Turin Kings List

The most complete list of kings ever recorded from the Ancient Egyptian world. Sourced.

But how could such a simple document prove extraterrestrials visited the ancient land of Egypt?

Well, despite most of the Turin papyrus being destroyed, specialists were still able to identify hundreds of names that spanned throughout the Egyptian dynasties.

As we definitively know the mortal human Pharaohs existed and ruled over Egypt, Ancient Alien theorists argue that we must also accept that the Gods of the old world also existed and ruled before them.

This is an aspect that our own writer Michael Halsall is looking into. He is currently writing a book about the cover-up of extraterrestrial life called “You Can’t Spell ‘Alien’ Without ‘A Lie’“, and includes this Egyptian papyrus within. In one of the book chapters, it is explained we should take the names of the Gods as seriously as the names of the Pharaohs we have discovered.

Egyptian Gods

Does the Turin papyrus prove the Egyptian Gods once existed in the ancient world? The image was sourced from YouTube.

The Turin King List papyrus is divided into 11 columns spanning over seventeen dynasties of Egyptian culture.

The first two columns have the names of the Ancient Gods of Eygpt and the Mythical Kings and spirits of the land.

Did these extraterrestrial Gods actually exist?

Ancient Egyptian Gods

If you were to deny the existence of the Gods of Egypt from this list, then you are also denying the existence of the Pharaohs of Egypt.

It has been noted in documents of the past that ancient Gods from the skies and demi-gods ruled the Northern land of Africa until around 3000 BC. If true, this would fall in line with what we know about the mortal Pharaohs of Egypt. Their rule of the land began around 3000 BC.

Ancient Egyptian God

Did the Ancient Egyptians have alien sightings and mistake them for Gods? Image credit: YouTube.

Could all this actually indicate that the Egyptians actually mistook alien sightings as divine Gods?

For many of you reading this, the answer is a simple yes. For others, more evidence of the Ancient Alien theory needs to be displayed in front of you.

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Either way, one thing is certain. The mysteries of the ancient world still need a lot of examination and study. Hopefully, within the next few years, we will discover the truth about our distant past.

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