What Will Happen When The Anunnaki Return

The Anunnaki are an ancient alien race from the planet Nibiru. Sumerian and Babylonian mythologies speak of an extraterrestrial invention from powerful beings. Are these Anunnaki Gods actually alien visitors, and if so, what will happen when they return?

Ancient texts about the Anunnaki say that they created humans as a slave race. Upon their return could we expect an alien invasion and be placed under their command?

Before we can touch upon the future of the Anunnaki Gods, we must first understand the legacy they have left behind in our ancient culture.

The Anunnaki legacy theory suggests that these beings came to planet Earth in search of raw materials. More specifically, they wanted gold. These beings from another world spent thousands of years digging and mining for these materials. Eventually, they grew tired of the hard manual labor and revolted against those in command.


The Anunnaki return from the planet Nibiru to reclaim what is theirs. Image credit: not from earth.

The Anunnaki God Enki came up with a solution. He suggested that the aliens create a slave race to do their hard work. To accomplish they must sacrifice one of their own to use his blood and mix it with clay from the Earth.

You have slaughtered a god together 
With his personality 
I have removed your heavy work 
I have imposed your toil on man. 

In the clay, god, and man 
Shall be bound, 
To a unity brought together; 
So that at the end of days 
The Flesh and the Soul 
Which in a god have ripened – 
That soul in a blood-kinship be bound

The result would be the Anunnaki creation of mankind.

Anunnaki Human Slaves

The newly created race of humans would act as slaves to the powerful beings that created them. Many can see similarities between the origin of man from the Mesapotomia era and the creation of man in the Bible.

Within the mythical legends of Mesapotomia are also stories of The Garden of Eden, The Great Deluge, and much more.

Sumerian creation of man

Sumerian creation of man. Image source.

For the next few thousand years, the human population would suffer at the hands of the Anunnaki. As the Gods of old fought against each other for full control, it would be human society caught in the crossfire. This then would ultimately lead to man divisions and separations within man’s belief. This is also still something we see today.


Where did the Anunnaki land

Where did the Anunnaki land when they first arrived in our world? This is the question that many people have asked over the years. Is there any evidence to suggest they even existed?

Well, despite the ancient Anunnaki legends that have survived through numerous codices, there is evidence of a very ancient culture living in South Africa. This ancient civilization does not only predate all other cultures by a few hundred, or thousands of years, but it actually predates them by hundreds of thousands of years! Could this be these be the ancient ruins of the Anunnaki extraterrestrial aliens?

Ancient Africa

Ruins of a lost civilization that lived in South Africa. The image was sourced from Procproto.

Michael Halsall, our own independent researcher is currently writing a book about extraterrestrial life called “You Can’t Spell ‘Alien’ Without ‘A Lie’“. In the book, he mentions aspects of the Anunnaki and lost the culture of South Afica.

Is it just a coincidence that the Sumerians speak of an ancient and lost civilization called the Anunnaki that controlled the planet long before them, and that ruins of an extremely old population have been discovered in South Africa?

Scientists widely recognize that Africa was the birthplace of all humans on the planet. It is also the area in which we now find a 200,000-year-old civilization that has been lost to time.

If there is a connection between the two, then perhaps this will be the place the land upon their return.


The Anunnaki Return

The Anunnaki are portrayed in numerous ways. From Gods who love the human race to those who view us as an abomination.

This would then suggest that the extraterrestrial Anunnaki Gods are conflicted. They are, as you could say like we are. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad.

Anunnaki return

What will happen to the human race when the Anunnaki return? Sourced from Artstation.

The return of the Anunnaki and what it means for mankind would then depend on which Anunnaki Gods return.

This would provide us with two possible situations:

  1. Situation One: The good Anunnaki return to help our civilizations advance. Although there may be complications, their intentions would be beneficial to humans. We would see a massive increase in technological advancements, medicine, and other areas of life.
  2. Situation Two: The bad Anunnaki return to enslave humans. They see themselves as a far superior being in comparison to us. These extraterrestrials would take what they wanted from us and we could not stop them. If they wanted to destroy what they created, they could.

Of course, the hope of the good aliens coming to Earth is more in our favor.

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