Who Are The Nordic Aliens?

Reports of angelic-like creatures scour our ancient texts. Sightings of beings not from this Earth appear in all of the major five religions. A modern overlook on such occurrences makes some people believe these are documented aliens sightings. And it appears that this form of extraterrestrial contact continues to this very day.

Many of us now believe these mystical beings are known as the Nordic or Pleidean aliens. But, what can ancient and modern stories tell us about Nordic alien life?

Reports state that this alien race is peaceful, spiritual, and helpful to our cause. This is quite unusual as many other alien life forms such as the Greys and the Reptilians seem to view us like cattle and lab rats. Nordic’s, on the other hand, want only our best interest.

Nordic Alien Peaceful

An artist representation of a possible Nordic alien. Image credit: YouTube.

Nordic Origins

The first modern public story of Nordic aliens appeared during the 1950s. George Adamski was one of the earliest modern humans to claim contact between him and angelic Nordic aliens had been made. He initially claimed this peaceful race of aliens originated from the planet Venus. However, future reports would place their origins to the Pleiades star cluster. But, it is highly likely that they wish to keep their true origins a secret from us.

Common contact with this form of alien life details the below characteristics:

  • A NordicScandinavian appearance
  • Typically blonde hair, but cases of reddish hair have been documented
  • Six to seven feet tall (roughly two meters)
  • Blue or green eyes without irises
  • Skin tone ranging from light to tanned

Alien sightings of the Nordics typically portray males. However, if a female is present in the event, she is often the one in charge.


Nordic Alien Abductions

As of yet, no harmful abductions or contact by the Nordic aliens has occurred. Their main intention is to spread and share love and peace. Contact with this alien life form is often done by channeling. It appears that they are capable of telepathically communicating with us.

This alien race rarely pops up in alien abduction stories. However, when they do the general message appears to be a concern for Earth’s wellbeing.

The Travis Walton case is one of the most popular abduction stories by the Nordic aliens.

Rumors have also circled around that President Eisenhower had a secret meeting with a group of Nordic aliens. The aim of the meeting was to convince the United States of America to disarm its nuclear weaponry. The Nordic’s expressed concern for the destruction these weapons could bring upon humanity. However, no agreement was made.

Instead, it conspiracy theorists believe the U.S entered into an agreement with the Grey aliens. This agreement allowed the U.S to still receive technological advancements from E.T’s in exchange for the Greys being permitted to abduct citizens of the U.S.

Alien Communication

After this event, which took place in the mid-1950s, the Nordic’s kept their distance from us. Contact between them and us has dropped. But alien sightings and contact with Grey aliens have risen. The Nordics, who are part of the Galactic Federation, only communicate to us via telepathic channels or in our dreams.

Those who are contacted, are contacted for a reason. The message is to usually relay the idea of peace and spiritual growth amongst our race. To distance ourselves from the physical world and ultimate destruction.

We would love to know what you think about all of this. Have you had contact with an extraterrestrial before? If so, please leave a comment below.

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