Who Are The Reptilian Aliens

The reptilians are believed by many conspiracy theorists to be one of the biggest threats to mankind. It is believed that many reptilian aliens drink the blood of human flesh and gain energy from the suffering of the human population.

But, who are the reptilians? What do we know about them, and are they truly living among us today?

The idea of reptilian humanoids has been of much interest for hundreds of years. In the past, many ancient cultures had mythological stories of reptilian beings living on the Earth. Though, the idea that these beings are still alive today was boosted by David Icke.

Icke famously proclaims that these reptilian beings are able to shape-shift their physical bodies into actual humans. Moreso, he has also claimed that many of the world leaders are either reptilian shape-shifters or possessed by the reptilians. The reason behind them doing this is to gain political control over the planet’s population.

Reptilian aliens

An artists rendering of details observed by people who have seen the reptilian aliens. Image credit: CGSociety.

So, what exactly do we know about these mythical but supposedly very real aliens?

  • They are humanoid in shape
  • Extremely tall, sometimes up to three or four meters
  • Tough exterior skin which varies in color
  • Long and strong tail
  • Sharp teeth
  • Excellent night vision
  • Telepathic abilities
  • Ability to shape-shift

This is a very vague list of details that we know about the reptilians. However, just like humans, they too are all very different and unique. So, their physicality varies as widely as our own does, and not all reptilian aliens are hell-bent on controlling our simple world.


The Origins of the Reptilian Aliens

In August 1929, author Robert E. Howard released “The Shadow Kingdom“, in which the first appearance in the modern history of a “serpent man” was released. Within the book, the reptilian people were described to be of humanoid in stature but with snake-like heads. They also lived in underground communities and had the ability to shape-shift and control human minds.

Does any of this sound familiar?

The Shadow Kingdom

An illustration for Robert Howard’s “The Shadow Kingdom” book.

Michael Barkun, a professor of political science from Syracuse University states that the conspiracy theorist idea of the reptilians came from Mr. Howard’s portrayal of the serpent men in his book.

Furthermore, many other stories and poems have described details on reptilian humanoids.

However, regardless of the possible influence of old tales about these beings, David Icke is adamant of aliens on earth.

He says that the origins of the Reptilians are from the Alpha Draconis star system. They traveled through space thousands of years ago and came to our planet, now they are hiding in underground bases and secretly controlling the human population.

Icke went further with his conspiracy to claim that the majority of the world leaders are related to these reptilian invaders.

  • The Rothschild family
  • The Bush family
  • The British Royal family

These are just some of the families that Icke pointed out to be genetically related to reptilians.

Reptilian controllers

Could a reptilian race actually be secretly controlling the world? Sourced.


Alien Abduction

Many people from around the world claim aliens abducted them. The majority of the time they say that it was the typical Grey alien type that abducted them. But, on rare occasions, people state it was the reptilian race of aliens that took them.

One of the earliest cases of an alien abduction by reptilian beings was in 1967. Herbert Schirmer from Nebraska claimed he was taken aboard a UFO in the late 1960’s. He described the abductees to be reptilian humanoids.

Alien abduction

Time-Life Books Mysteries of the Unknown Alien Encounters Editors of Time-Life Books 1992. Image source.

But like with most cases of alien abductions, skeptics say it is nothing but a hoax.


Aliens on Earth

Whether it be Grey aliens, Reptilian extraterrestrials, Aryan aliens, or the Anunnaki, many people believe there are aliens on Earth.

Ancient Alien theorists claim extraterrestrial life visited our planet thousands of years ago to kick-start our ancient civilizations.


Many people believe there are still aliens on earth to this very day. Source of the image.

The input that these aliens had on our past is not yet over, claim many conspiracy theorists. The many UFO sightings and alien sightings around the world indicate that there are still aliens on earth to this very day.

On top of this, there are a lot of FBI documents that prove the leading governments of the world are aware of extraterrestrial existence. But public disclosure is yet to happen.

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