Who Exactly Are The Grey Aliens

Reports of Grey alien sightings hit headlines on a regular basis. Certain details change with each alien news story, but a few things remain the same. For instance, they are always reported to have grey skin, big heads with big black eyes and small frail bodies.

But, who exactly are the Grey aliens?

The Grey Alien is a popular depiction of what an alien should look like. With grey alien games and movies becoming part of the mainstream view of what extraterrestrial life may look like. Hollywood has certainly popularized the appearance of these beings from another world.

Calculations suggest that around 43% of all alien sightings in the United States are of the Greys. These beings were apparently responsible for the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, in which alien bodies were recovered.

However, despite their apparent rise to fame in recent years, descriptions and sightings of aliens like the Greys have occurred since the dawn of mankind.

Grey Aliens

Who are the grey aliens and what do they want with our world? Image credit: AlienExperts.

The ancient texts of the Nag Hammadi speak of the creation of beings that are “like an aborted fetus.” Which, in essence, is what a gray alien may look like. These extraterrestrial beings were created from matter and “assumed a plastic form made of shadow,

Due to this, the gray aliens do not have a gender or a spirit/soul. Grey alien sightings often detail these two characteristics. This could suggest why they want to abduct humans.


Grey Alien Abductions

Many alien abductees claim that it was, in fact, the Grey Alien species that abducted them. They report to alien news outlets that upon their abduction they are examined.

Patients frequently tell stories of examinations and testing. But why are these menacing procedures carried out in the first place?

Grey Alien Life

Grey aliens are the most sighted alien race in the U.S. Sourced.

In fact, the majority of alien abduction cases are reports of grey alien encounters. Below is a quick rundown of the percent per country of alien abductions:

  • Australia – 50%
  • The United States of America – 43%
  • Canada – 90%
  • Brazil – 67%
  • Continental Europe – 20%
  • The United Kingdom – 12%

Due to their lack of gender, the grey aliens are unable to conceive an offspring in the same we humans can. The aspect of being able to procreate your own kind is something that is of great interest to them.

Aliens news stories of interbreeding are not uncommon. There are instances of aliens taking Human DNA to mix with their own and create an alien-human hybrid. However, there are also reports of two kinds of grey alien beings. Tall Grey Aliens, which are the authority figures, and Small Grey Aliens, which are cyborg servants of the Taller Greys.

Alien sightings of grey aliens during the abductions are often described as traumatic. Face-to-face experiences with such a being are said to increase stress levels beyond imagination.


Alien abduction cases in alien news stories are said to be an extremely traumatic experience. Sourced.


The Grey Alien Connection

We have concluded that the greys are beings that apparently derived from the shadows of complete darkness. Their matter-like bodies leave them genderless and soulless.  So, they have an interest in the human population. Though, could their connection to mankind stem even deeper?

Jack Cohen, an English biologist, states that the typical anatomy of a grey alien is too similar to a human. Although this entity is extraterrestrial in nature it is very comparable to a human. Therefore they are not a true description of what an alien should look like.

Alien abduction

Possible rendering of what an alien abduction by the Greys may look like. Image credit: StufftoBlowYourMind.

However, some Ufologists use this to back up the Ancient Alien theory. They say that the compatibility between aliens and humans may suggest an alien intervention at some point in our distant past. Specifically, extraterrestrials involved themselves in the evolution process of primates and modern humans today.

Recent Alien News

Could the theory of ancient astronauts actually be true? If so, then perhaps the answer to mankind’s origins actually lies within our own DNA.

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